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Bill Orlin: A Survivorís Tale Across Europe and Asia
William (Bill) Orlin and his family were lucky. They were chased out of Poland. Less than a month after Germany and the Soviet Union invaded, divided and swallowed all of Poland, seven-year-old Bill Orlin and his family were kicked out of their home ...
An Honest Attempt To Examine Jewish-Muslim Relations
Jews and Muslims donít talk much to each other these days. And when they do, most of the talk comes from places of fear, recrimination, and anger rather than mutual acknowledgement. Is it possible for Jews and Muslims to speak to-not at-each other? I...
Houstonian Awarded Prize for Literary Translation
About 39,000 titles. Thatís the number of Yiddish literary works in existence estimated Yiddish Book Center founder Aaron Lansky. About 99% of this Jewish literary legacy will go unread because it has not been translated into English. The major obsta...
Considering Jewish-Catholic Relations Fifty Years After Nostra Aetate
In 1965, the Second Vatican Council, a gathering of the worldís Roman Catholic bishops, released the document Nostra Aetate (In Our Time). One of the most profound theological documents of modern times, Nostra Aetate forged a new relationship between...
Saul Kaye: Bringing Jewish Music Up From the Delta          
In the past, Jewish songwriters have set liturgical texts to German drinking songs, Romanian pastoral folk tunes and Arabic classical music. So when Saul Kaye connected Jewish liturgy to African-American blues music, it wasnít such a novel idea. And...
No More Jewish Movements? One Rabbi Looks Into a Post-Denominational Future
When one looks at the Jewish religious landscape in the United States today, one finds the contours shaped by Jewish religious denominations. From Orthodoxy to Reconstructionist, all modern synagogue-based Jewish denominations have come about during ...
Congregation Celebrates Rabbi Tellerís Decade At the Helm of Brith Shalom  
Members of Congregation Brith Shalom will celebrate ten years with Rabbi Ranon and Vicki Teller during Shabbat services on January 23-24 beginning at 6:15 PM on Friday and 9:30 AM on Saturday at the synagogue, 4610 Bellaire Boulevard. Rabbi Teller wi...

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