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Grounding Jewish Issues In the Sources
Between the destruction of the Second Temple and the establishment of the modern Jewish state, Israel did not have a legislature. Jewish law (Halakha) developed mainly through a series of judicial opinions. From the Talmud through rishonim and acharo...
What Happened To the Jewish Survivors After the War?
Everybody knows about the camps. We associate the Holocaust survivor experience with those who survived extermination and slave labor camps. However, of the estimated 250,000 Jews displaced after World War II, only a minority was liberated from the c...
People Of the Comix
If the names Will Eisner, Harvey Pekar and Art Spielgelman don’t provoke a rush of delight in you, chances are you’re not a fan of comix. Once limited to an audience of kids, teens and the semi-literate, stained by negative connotations (Dr. Fredric ...
Reading Alone vs. Reading Together
Ever finish a good book and immediately want to share it?  Although reading is a solitary pursuit, sharing a book through a community-wide read deepens the experience in surprising and exciting ways.

In conjunction with the ...
This Is The End, My Friend
Since we have no empirical evidence, we really do not know what happens to us after we die. Our conversations about life after we depart this life have been a central topic of religion, mythology, culture, literature and art across cultures and time....
In A Troubled Middle East, Iran Is Israel’s Biggest Problem Says Ambassador
As the Middle East grows more chaotic, Israel faces challenges and threats coming from Syria, Lebanon, the Sinai and Gaza. But all these problems “pale in the face of Iran’s march towards nuclear weapons” Israeli Ambassador to the United States Ron D...
Houstonians Remember Rabbi Judith Z. Abrams
There’s an often-told story of how, at age 18, Judith Z. Abrams first picked up a tractate of Talmud seeking perspective on some of the problems she was having moving into adulthood. Eager to plunge into the sea of Talmudic wisdom, she randomly opene...

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