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U.S. Veteran Shares His World War II Stories
Seventy-two years ago, Herb Stern embarked on a tour that would take him to North Africa and Western Europe. Stern didn’t go there with a tour group. He went as part of the Ninth Infantry Division of the U.S. Army, serving in eight major World War II...
New Beth El Rabbi: How To Create a Dynamic Synagogue Community
Judaism, as a religion, has a history of remaking itself in order to remain relevant to people in each age. While faith-based communities are in the business of preservation and, by definition, are resistant to change, any religious institution that ...
Where Is the Here in “Wish I Was Here”?
When a screenwriter drops an identifiably Jewish character into a film, a Jewish audience is going to respond in personal ways. How does the character grapple with his/her identity? How does he deal with the contradictions and conflicts of being a mi...
Shahar Dori: First Israeli Member Of the Houston Ballet
Aim high. Work hard. And get by with a little help from your friends. That’s how Shahar Dori succeeded in becoming the first Israeli dancer to be a member of the Houston Ballet.

Dori became a member of the Corps de Ballet in 2012. He w...
Shmira: The Noble Mitzvah of Guarding the Newly Deceased
A few minutes before 6 PM, Julius Chapman arrives at Houston Jewish Funerals. He walks into what looks like a sparsely furnished office and seats himself on a black leather chair behind a desk. Chapman will remain here until 6 AM, long after the fune...
Why Anti-Jewish Iconography Developed In the Medieval Period  
Prior to about 1050, Jews were not visually recognizable in Christian art. It was when Christians began giving visible form to a range of themes associated with “that which is Christian”, they likewise began visually to mark “that which is not”, says...
Celebration Company Celebrates Five Years With Five Days  
Given the choice of working three days versus five days a week, 80% of Americans responding in a recent poll chose the shorter workweek. That’s not how Harry Samelson sees it. When the supportive employment program Celebration Company announced they ...

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