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Approaching the High Holidays, Is Self-Transformation Possible?
The Hebrew month of Elul is a time of spiritual preparation for the high Holidays. Preparation begins with a soul accounting, an examination of the mistakes of the past year in order not to repeat them, an honest look at what is preventing us from mo...
Interview: On Proportionality In Armed Conflict
Few terms have been as widely used and misused as “proportionality” and “disproportionality”, especially during the recent war between Israel and Hamas. The concept of proportionality has a very different meaning within the context of war than it doe...
What Is The Defense Against Terrorism?
Three months after 9/11, a group of 60 American intellectuals drafted and published a public letter “What We’re Fighting For” that justified and defended America’s armed response to Al Qaeda. While acknowledging that all war is terrible and represent...
For Those Fruits and Vegetables In Israel, It’s The Seventh Year
In ancient agrarian-based Israel, every seven years was marked by a sabbatical year called shmita (literally: release). Based on a series of commandments in the Torah, shmita obliged every farmer to let the soil of his fields rest and remain fallow, ...
Dislodged and Depressed, The Artist In Exile
The immigrant story we like to read is one of self-transformation:  coming to America with little or nothing, through hard work and education or intelligence, the immigrant pulls himself/herself up by the bootstraps and achieves success.
Is That A Real Jew On Television, Or Just A Stereotype?  
Can television get Jews right? Is it possible for broadcast and/or cable tv to portray authentic Jewish characters without resorting to stereotypes?

Rabbi Jill Levy, Director of the Center for Jewish Living and Learning at the ERJCC, ...
Something Fishy: A Quiz
Every Jewish holiday is associated with special foods. The foods we eat on holidays, the ways in which we prepare our meals and even the ways we speak about food tells us a lot about our traditions as well as the way we lead our everyday lives.

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