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Reading Jewish Moments In Film
If you want to understand American Jewish life, go to the movies.

Analyzing films-from understanding how a film was produced and distributed to the examination of visual symbols used in a story-help us see how cinema functions both as...
Some Of My Best Friends Are: Series Examines Ongoing Relationships of Jews and Christians
In the history of relationships between religious communities, thereís only one instance where members of one community of faith considered another group to hold a special role in the divine course of human redemption. That would be the Evangelical ...
Polish Feature Is Intense Viewing
Malevolence fills the land. On the day Franek Kalina (Ireneusz Czop) returns to brother Jozekís (Maciej Stuhr) farm after a 20-year stay in Chicago, he is struck unconscious by an unknown assailantís blow to his head and his luggage is stolen. And th...
A Salute to Schav
The sorrel is ready for harvesting in our garden. Can spring be here?

Back in Poland, sorrel was the first of the edible greens to come out of the earth following the long winter. In my grandmotherís day, winter was long and harsh. One...
Documenting A 500-Year Jewish History in the Caribbean
In addition to the sun, the beaches and the scuba diving in the Caribbean, there are also the buildings and cemeteries of the oldest Jewish communities in the Western Hemisphere. Over the past five years, photographer Wyatt Gallery has traveled to Ja...
Wine or Grape Juice?
We traditionally drink four cups of wine at the Passover Seder. But is there any reason why grape juice or unfermented wine may take wineís place in the performance of the mitzvah?

Thatís exactly the question Rabbi Louis Ginzberg, reno...
When the Seder Came With a Golden Haggadah
The Golden Haggadah has been described as one of the most beautiful manuscripts created for Jews in the Middle Ages. Created between 1320-1330 in Catalonia, possibly in Barcelona, the manuscript contains 56 illustrations against a patterned gold-leaf...

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