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Why Should A Writer Seek Feedback?
Note to writers: get feedback on your manuscript before you submit it to a publisher.  Getting feedback will help you become a better writer if for no other reason than learning what’s not working for your audience.

“Maybe y...
About A 2,000 Year Old Prejudice
Over the course of two millennia, the hatred of Jews has taken many forms: theological, racial, economic, iconographic, and more. So how does one approach the history of anti-Semitism in one academic class?

If you’re an educator like ...
A Secret Jewish Virgin of Guadalupe Discovered
The Virgin of Guadalupe is considered the representation of the Mexican nation, the patron saint of Mexico and one of the most iconic Christian symbols in the world. Her pictorial image, housed in a basilica in Mexico City, is the second-most visited...
Roundtable To Examine Comprehensive Plan to Serve Aging and Disabled Population
Depending on the study you read, the average age at death for people with developmental disabilities has increased from the early-50’s a generation ago to the mid-60’s today. All studies on people with developmental disabilities who are aging agree c...
New Cantor at Emanu El:  On Music As a Sacred Calling
Death has a way of drawing a person to his roots.

Cantor Mark Perman enjoyed a successful career in New York musical theater and broadcasting when his father died suddenly in January 1990. Needing a place to say kaddish, Perman began ...
A Family Story, An Epic Story of a Century
In the epilogue of “The Family”, historical novelist David Laskin writes “The pulse of history beats in every family. All of our lives are engraved with epics of love and death”.

Certainly true when your family’s history encapsulates ...
Neshama Carlebach: A Life In Song and Struggle
Neshama Carlebach has transversed the universe of Jewish music. Each step she’s taken has brought her to a wider audience. And each step she’s taken along her path has been accompanied by controversy.

Carlebach will appear in concert a...

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